Cellulite reduction


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Many women seek help in beauty salons specializing in the treatment of cellulite. The most effective methods of combating cellulite include deep heat therapy, assisted by electrostimulation, the so-called exercises in the sauna.

This treatment can be done with the BOTT 24 Combo device, equipped with three heating belts, or BOTT 24 Combo Plus, which has as many as five belts. The shoulders, thighs and the abdominal and iliac part of the body are wrapped with the belts. It is worth using the program stimulating the muscles of arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs – such a two-way action will significantly accelerate the achievement of the desired effect.

Stimulators act on the skin immediately, heating it to 40 degrees Celsius at the places of their application. The warmed up muscles work more efficiently, which accelerates the effects of electrostimulation alone. At the same time, thermal radiation increases blood circulation by expanding blood vessels. Absorbed heat is physiologically distributed in the body through the bloodstream system, resulting in a sense of relaxation.

The heating belts speed up chemical changes in the cells, causing the breakdown of accumulated fat, so that the liposomes can introduce it into the lymphatic system, and then expel it through the skin. Impulses stimulate the muscles, increasing the local fat metabolism. Thus, it is a great way to get rid of cellulite.