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One EMS machine -four desired effect:

  1. cellulite reduction
  2. facelift
  3. slimming
  4. muscle shaping

Electrostimulation is one of the most effective methods to fight overweight and an successful way of body contouring. No other method contributes so quickly and effectively to losing kilograms and reducing body circumferences. Thanks to this, thinning and body shaping take place quickly.

Such an exercise is similar to the traditional form. It triggers the same reactions: it contributes to muscle strengthening, stimulates fat breakdown, increases collagen production, eliminates flaccidity, increases and improves metabolism.

60-minute muscle stimulation corresponds to 6-8 hours of physical activity. Gymnastics causes strengthening of muscles and burning of accumulated fat.

Let’s take an example: the abdominal muscles can make 1200 movements per hour with the device. How many bends will we be able to do during this time?