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Muscles modeling and strengthening
The treatment is recommended for all those who want to strengthen their muscles. It enables the formation of new muscle fibers or enlarge existing ones. The effect of the treatments is similar to the exercises using weights, but the advantage is that during the treatment we can simultaneously exercise, for example, the muscles of the hands, chest and abdomen.

Advantages: rebuilding muscle tension after injury or surgery, increasing muscle strength in sport and rehabilitation, restoration of proper proportions of muscle fibers.

Muscle building and strengthening in men
Many muscle groups are not stimulated even in the most active forms of sport. EMS brings benefits to all muscle groups. It also effectively develops those muscles that quickly get tired during normal physical exertion. Men who want to build their body can supplement their strength training with electrostimulation to maximize muscle performance and thus increase their strength. Electrostimulation in connection with strength training, increases muscle strength through their better blood circulation. During contraction, nutrients necessary for muscle growth are delivered to the muscles. During relaxation, all unnecessary substances are removed. Thanks to electrostimulation, some injuries can be prevented, e.g. twisting the ankle, by strengthening certain muscles – in this case the fibula.

No strain of the joints and heart
The muscle is not able to distinguish the impulse coming from the brain from the impulse coming from the electrostimulator, thanks to which by special selection of impulse parameters it can be forced to a specific work and get a wide variety of muscle effects, in particular corresponding to various forms of advanced sports training, without excessive fatigue and without straining the tendons.

Electrostimulation for athletes
Electrostimulation is a type of therapy that uses various properties of electric current affecting the human body, whose functioning is based, to a large extent, on electrical phenomena. Electrostimulation is very widely used by athletes. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is responsible for the reconstruction and strengthening of muscles mainly during the break after injuries, but it is also a method complementing normal sports training. EMS affects the motor nerves and forces the work of specific muscle groups without straining the tendons and joints. EMS stimulation also has a relaxing effect.